Saturday Sillies… The Real Estate Proc

Saturday Sillies…
The Real Estate Procrastinator
I hesitate to make a list,
Of all the deals that I have missed,
Bonanzas that were in my grip,
I watched them through my fingers slip,
The windfalls that I should have bought,
Were lost because I over thought,
I thought of this, I thought of that,
I could have sworn I smelled a rat,
And while I thought things over twice,
Another grabbed them at the price.

It seems I always hesitate,
And make my mind up far too late,
A very cautious person I,
And that is why I never buy,
A corner here some flat o’there,
Compounding values year by year,
I chose to think and as I thought,
Others bought the deals I should have bought.

The golden chances I had then,
Are lost and will not come again,
Today I cannot be enticed,
Cause everything’s so over priced,
The deals of yesteryear are dead,
The markets soft…… and so’s my head,
At times a teardrop drowns my eye,
For deals I had…… but did not buy,
And now life’s saddest words I pen –


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